Me And My Fellow NaNoers

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

So behind on NaNo..
and so depressed, about little things.
maybe ill just sit here and write all night.
need to get up on my word count, like bad.

"--&&on that night, i lost the best friend i had ever, and would ever have."--To Kiss and Tell, NaNo 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

Taste Of Awesome - FMS #62

Taste Of Awesome - FMS #62

in my spare time i found this...

it tis a FAIL of EPIC proportion and a FAIL of NO RETURN,



Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 5 and Counting.

its day five. i woke up this morning and started typing right away. im now up to 5,740 words. and i only need 8,335. so just 2,600 more!!! for today, and to be officially caught up. i can do eet!!! but first i have to hang out with the boyfriend<3 then i might have to go to a party..maybe.

BUT after all that. i shall write 2,600 words. Dont i wish my life was normal. . well actually no i dont wish my life was normal, cause that would be no fun. besides [[normal]] people scare me..

wish me luck(: :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

NaNo day FOUR...

Ive been delaying writing all day. Now it is time that i write about 3000 words and meet my goal for the day.

I can do it. i BELEIVE in me! haha :)

i will have 50000 words come november 30th . . . even if it is the last thing i do!!!!

but i think i need to stop procrastinating and write.

just 3000 big deal, right? ;)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Type. Type. Click. :)

well i have been typing for a while now.. i am very behind

and my phone is being so stupid. so jj, im sorry for not texting back yesterday, but it is very retarded and wont let me send a message to you -_- im gonna try to fix it though.

i must write about 5000 more words today. >.> oh boy..
i might not survive this month

NaNo Site..

it hates me today..

....i am at a loss with it, it wins. i will not pull up the forums for now:(

Monday, November 1, 2010

NaNoWriMo Begins

it began about 20 hours ago..i had no internet or phone all day. :(

now i do. and im typing away:)

im getting to my goal :)

i shall win :)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oh My Gahh..

Just 10 hours left now and im UNPREPARED, as always. So i will start winging it at midnight when it starts tonight. Ill probably still be on the way home then but my computer WILL be with me. I MUST bring it everywhere i go today, which is a lot of places. Panera in an hour and then church at 5 and then haunted house at 8!!! then HOPEFULLY i am done for today.

But random things are running around in my head, about charatcers and who they are and what they shall become. And then plot bunnies are running rampant..but i have NO TIME to type all of it!!! AHHH!!!

On the other hand, i am set up so i never ever have to leave my room this November (except to pee :) haha)
Well i do have to leave it sometimes..Sad as that is. I have THREE birthdays now and EVERY weekend i have to see my boyfriend(ohh boy, i may be single by the end of this month. haha). Sometimes..i wish i DIDNT have a LIFE.

Now being one of those times. :/

But OHH WELL, things will go as i have them planned weather they want to or not. I only have a short amount of time before NaNoWriMo takes over my soul


Saturday, October 30, 2010

1 day 12 hours and 41 minutes left

so we are now at the one day point ... and im gonna be really busy tomorrow :/ which is just GREAT because nano starts at MIDNIGHT tomorrrow!!! ive got to go to panera with jj and then to a corn maze with some other friends and then after midnight i must go somewhere else wiith my bf and our friend. GAHH!!! when am i going to have time to write?! i am over stressed with this...yesterday was party day and that went well:) had lots of fun but no planning got im a few days behind with that. but i MUST start writting at midnight tomorrow. no matter where i am. ...

boy my life is hectic this coming month.
just my luck, XD
nanowrimo a.k.a kill me NOW(and it aint even started yet)

well this is all i have to say for the time being because i really need some down time before the haunted house tonight..
Unfortanatly, nano cant wait for me. so my down time will include lots of typing. :P

OHH and just so everyone friends think i am INSANE for doing this..but i think itll be very...INTERESTING to say the least.

:) Jamie (:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

12:10 AM :/

WELL...its 12:10 am and i CANNOT sleep. time is ticking away and im just laying here, doing nothing..

i should probably try to sleep because i have a busy day tomorrow, but i just CANT. to much is going on in my head.. the party(did i happen to mention that im having a party friday? well i am and its heckic here because of that and on top of that nano is now just 3 DAYS away! so my life is pretty crazy right now.

And...Gahh, is it hot in here? maybe its just me.

anyways, i thought about planning some more, but didnt. which i should be instead of doing this. ohh well. ill do that tomorrow at 5 when im still up..STRESSING over stupid little things. As Always.
and suddenly im getting very tired ... the more i type,  the more my brain is shutting down. but i MUST NOT sleep.

Or maybe i will.

Well i guess i need to be getting off here. to plan, or sleep, or do something random. idk!



So my awesome friend jj made me this blog for NaNo :) which is pretty much AMAZING! haha. of course im pretty much majorly stressing because theres only 4 days 5 hours and 35 minutes left til it starts and i have NO spare time to plan :/

but fortanantly for me i now have a blog to talk about this. This will probably be the most hectic 30 days of my life. i may fail but i hope not! you will be hearing ramblings of crazy insane things because this is how i shall feel. haha. but nonetheless i will try my best:)

but my family is hungry and wants me to cook now so im getting off.

well WISH ME LUCK !!!


My Panda:)