Me And My Fellow NaNoers

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oh My Gahh..

Just 10 hours left now and im UNPREPARED, as always. So i will start winging it at midnight when it starts tonight. Ill probably still be on the way home then but my computer WILL be with me. I MUST bring it everywhere i go today, which is a lot of places. Panera in an hour and then church at 5 and then haunted house at 8!!! then HOPEFULLY i am done for today.

But random things are running around in my head, about charatcers and who they are and what they shall become. And then plot bunnies are running rampant..but i have NO TIME to type all of it!!! AHHH!!!

On the other hand, i am set up so i never ever have to leave my room this November (except to pee :) haha)
Well i do have to leave it sometimes..Sad as that is. I have THREE birthdays now and EVERY weekend i have to see my boyfriend(ohh boy, i may be single by the end of this month. haha). Sometimes..i wish i DIDNT have a LIFE.

Now being one of those times. :/

But OHH WELL, things will go as i have them planned weather they want to or not. I only have a short amount of time before NaNoWriMo takes over my soul


Saturday, October 30, 2010

1 day 12 hours and 41 minutes left

so we are now at the one day point ... and im gonna be really busy tomorrow :/ which is just GREAT because nano starts at MIDNIGHT tomorrrow!!! ive got to go to panera with jj and then to a corn maze with some other friends and then after midnight i must go somewhere else wiith my bf and our friend. GAHH!!! when am i going to have time to write?! i am over stressed with this...yesterday was party day and that went well:) had lots of fun but no planning got im a few days behind with that. but i MUST start writting at midnight tomorrow. no matter where i am. ...

boy my life is hectic this coming month.
just my luck, XD
nanowrimo a.k.a kill me NOW(and it aint even started yet)

well this is all i have to say for the time being because i really need some down time before the haunted house tonight..
Unfortanatly, nano cant wait for me. so my down time will include lots of typing. :P

OHH and just so everyone friends think i am INSANE for doing this..but i think itll be very...INTERESTING to say the least.

:) Jamie (:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

12:10 AM :/

WELL...its 12:10 am and i CANNOT sleep. time is ticking away and im just laying here, doing nothing..

i should probably try to sleep because i have a busy day tomorrow, but i just CANT. to much is going on in my head.. the party(did i happen to mention that im having a party friday? well i am and its heckic here because of that and on top of that nano is now just 3 DAYS away! so my life is pretty crazy right now.

And...Gahh, is it hot in here? maybe its just me.

anyways, i thought about planning some more, but didnt. which i should be instead of doing this. ohh well. ill do that tomorrow at 5 when im still up..STRESSING over stupid little things. As Always.
and suddenly im getting very tired ... the more i type,  the more my brain is shutting down. but i MUST NOT sleep.

Or maybe i will.

Well i guess i need to be getting off here. to plan, or sleep, or do something random. idk!



So my awesome friend jj made me this blog for NaNo :) which is pretty much AMAZING! haha. of course im pretty much majorly stressing because theres only 4 days 5 hours and 35 minutes left til it starts and i have NO spare time to plan :/

but fortanantly for me i now have a blog to talk about this. This will probably be the most hectic 30 days of my life. i may fail but i hope not! you will be hearing ramblings of crazy insane things because this is how i shall feel. haha. but nonetheless i will try my best:)

but my family is hungry and wants me to cook now so im getting off.

well WISH ME LUCK !!!


My Panda:)